The Tordjman bakery in Cannes | the go-to place for takeaway snacks

The bakery in Cannes: for the slightly peckish to the ravenously hungry!

From first thing in the morning, you'll find delicious home-made croissants and pastries in this bakery that is filled with the delicious smell of hot bread and colours and scents that make your mouth water. Then, just as the clock strikes 12, you'll be spoilt for choice with the lunchtime takeaway meal-deal options on offer and all home-made. These meal-deals include home-made sandwiches - or salads -, a drink and a dessert, designed to satisfy even the most demanding of taste buds! If you're just feeling a bit peckish, there are savoury options to choose from including pizzas, pasties and quiches.

The snacks are made using different flours and range from a simple ham sandwich to more exotic ingredients (goat cheese or mozzarella for cheese-lovers, salad or vegetarian options for fans of vegetables, plus turkey, chicken or tuna for those in search of extra protein). You'll also find a range of panini and various salads on offer in your artisan bakery.

The Tordjman bakery: combining savoir-faire and quality

This artisan bakery was established in 1963 and is always full of hungry customers because the quality and savoir-faire of the offering is well-known and appreciated by foodies and big eaters alike. In the bakery section, you will find a great variety of quality breads prepared using hand-picked ingredients, such as 'Label Rouge' flour. In the patisserie section, the colours and flavours of the cakes make it difficult to choose because the range is so wide and includes both local specialities and traditional cakes, all made using the finest butter.

The lunchtime meal-deal gives a delicious taste of the different products on offer: a savoury item, a sweet pastry and a cold drink to make this tasty break complete. Lastly, the icing on the cake (and a cake does need icing!) the welcome given to customers is always warm and the service second to none.

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